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    Dr. Rosanne Bostonian, an adjunct professor of psychology at Woodland Park, New Jersey’s Berkeley College, has recently served as a featured speaker with the Wellness Co-Op of Millburn/Short Hills Opportunity Project. She spoke at the Healthy Brain Healthy Me seminar, during which time she coined the phrase “chronic brain injury” to describe the persistent excitation of the brain in patients with ongoing high stress states. Dr. Rosanne Bostonian has additionally written on a number of educational subjects on different blogs and her own personal website, www.essentialspirit.net. She often implements humor as a part of her writings.

    Dr. Rosanne Bostonian studied biology and physical science as an undergraduate at Montclair State College in New Jersey. She continued with the school after receiving her bachelor of arts, she went on to earn a master of arts in psychology. In addition to holding a doctor of philosophy in school and developmental psychology, Dr. Bostonian has achieved certification as a life coach and as a Reiki master and teacher.

  • Education

    Montclair State University

    9/1965 - 6/1969

    BA in Biology/Physical Science

    Montclair State University

    9/1969 - 6/1971

    MA in General Psychology

    Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology

    9/1983 - 6/1991

    PhD in School and Developmental Psychology

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