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The Ear Bud Travesty

· Rosanne Bostonian,Columbian Coffee,ear buds
coffee bar

I love that first cup of coffee in the morning! Yes, I can make coffee, but going to the coffee bar at QuickChek (don’t judge me) is part of my morning routine. I choose the “Columbian” coffee, medium sized cup. I use five packets of Stevia, light cream and in a gesture of self-indulgence, I add a little whipped cream to top it off. Ahhh!

The other morning I was in the throes of my coffee ritual when a friendly woman sidled up next to me and started preparing her coffee. It went like this:

Woman: “Good morning!”

Me: “Good morning.” (Still preparing my coffee)

Woman: “How is your day going so far!?”

Me: “Great! Don’t you love that first cup of coffee!?”

Woman: “What do you have planned for your day?”

Me: “Oh, will do some paperwork and prepare for my class later.”

Woman: “What are you doing after work?”

Me: (Feeling awkward) “Uh, well I finish pretty late, so…” (I look up)

I see that the woman has ear buds in and has been talking to someone else, not me. I’ve been having a conversation with someone who wasn’t having a conversation with me!! Ridiculous and laughable!

They say that 80% of information comes through the eyes and that eye contact is a major component of communication. I will remember that!

With love,

Rosanne Bostonian

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